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Varieties of Lottery Games of North America

The provinces of North America are popularly known for hosting several types of lottery games for the players. All of the lottery games played in North American states are having more or less similar types of gaming rules and structure. The main difference in this case is the name of the lottery, which can create confusion among different states, provinces and also among the different federal governments in North America.

Firstly, the lottery players are allowed to enjoy one of the popular lottery games titled as Mega Millions or Power Ball. This type of lottery game incorporates optional selection of additional number for winning some extra cash or extra prize. In Mega Millions or Power Ball lottery game, players are allowed to select 5 to 7 lottery numbers, along with an additional number. This extra number is also termed as Bonus number or Power number. Furthermore, lottery players of North America can enjoy another lottery game, which is similar to lottery games of Power Ball or Mega Millions. This lottery game is titled as Super Lotto Plus, which is popularly played in California. As similar to Power Ball, in Super Lotto game also, players are allowed to select one extra number for winning the prize. These types of lottery games can give massive amount of money to the lottery players.

Secondly, the players belonged to the provinces of North America can enjoy Pick 3 lottery game. This lottery game is popularly played in the countries of Canada and United States. Pick 3 lottery, as the name is suggesting, facilitate the players in selecting 3 numbers for 1 dollar. After this, it charge an additional fee for manipulating them in the form of either boxed play or in the form of straight-boxed play. The results associated with these lottery games are mostly televised on daily basis. In the country of Canada, slips containing the results of each of the winning numbers are kept on the counter of vendors. This is because; it allows the players to check the lottery numbers of previous day, so that they can get their wining results.Furthermore, country of Canada also offers Pick 4 lottery games for its players. The lottery game of Pick 4 is almost identical with Pick 3 game. However, the main difference in this case is that in Pick 4, players have to select four numbers to win the game.

After this, players can enjoy the lottery games of Scratch and Win tickets. These are the special types of lottery games offering instant gratification, from which players can instantly get the information about their lottery game winnings. Although, technically these games are not real lottery tickets, but still these are known as Scratch and Win Lotto tickets as the lottery corporation is responsible for both printing them out and also for regulating the games. Sometimes, scratch tickets are also based on some of the popular games like Poker and Bingo. However, for winning such games, players have to match either trio or pair of images. The cash prizes that players receive from scratch and win tickets are less than the prizes that they obtain from jackpots of lottery games. However, state of Ohio offers massive jackpots in Scratch and Win lottery game.

Lastly, we will give description about the Keno games. This game is also offered as lottery style games in provinces of North America. Here, the players are allowed to have ticket slip starting from minimum 1 to maximum 80 numbers. The players have to place their bets on the numbers, which will come at the time of draw. The players can have their keno results in both morning as well as in evening newspapers.

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