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          Silicone oil 3910 (Crude)

          【Brief introduction

          Silicone oil 3910 is a diamino polydimethylsiloxane with high ammonia value and medium and low viscosity. It is specially developed for textile softener.Can impart fabrics with excellent softness and slid hand feeling .It is suitable for the preparation of microemulsion, so that it can be applied to all kinds of woven or knitted fabrics, so that it has soft touch.     

          General properties】                         

          Appearance : Clear to slightly turbid liquid

          Color : light yellow

          Smell : Slight ammonia taste

          Density : 0.98 g/m3

          Viscosity (25℃) :1000

          Flash point : 104

          Solid content :100%

          Amine equivalent :0.8

          【Application Scope

          This product is the basic material of amino silicone oil emulsion or microemulsion. It is widely used in softening finishing of fibers and fabrics, spinning oil and hair conditioner, especially for soft finishing of textile fabrics. It can provide excellent softness, smoothness and fluffy properties, and can be used for dipping &padding or immersion when used. 0.3% - 1.0% silicon content can give the fabric excellent soft and smooth performance, increase the elasticity and wrinkle resilience of the fabric, and enhance the breaking and tearing strength of the fabric. It is especially suitable for the softening treatment of cellulose fibers, artificial cellulose, silk, wool, rayon, linen and other woven and knitted non-woven fabrics.

          【Application craft

          The following is the initial emulsification formula:

          Silicone oil 3910 , 15% phase microemulsion was prepared by phase change emulsification.

          Recommended the initial formula

                 Ingredient content                    %


          3910 silicone oil                        20

          Glacial acetic acid                      0.2

          Amino silicone oil emulsifier 1306                   10

          1,2 propylene glycol                             1

          De-ionized water                               100

          * emulsifier of amino silicone oil is made up of various surfactants.

          1. Add 3910 silicone oil, amino silicone oil with emulsifier 1306 and glacial acetic acid and mix for 45 minutes. When the emulsifying system is uniform, add water slowly to dilute. In the initial stage, add water slowly to ensure that the emulsification mixes evenly and whether the emulsification is sufficient or not affects the stability of the product. Finally, transparent and homogeneous microemulsion should be obtained.

          2. add 1, 2 propylene glycol and continue stirring until the solution is stable.

          3. filtrate lotion and discharge.

          silicone oil 3910 emulsion can be applied to woven, knitted, cotton and polyester / cotton blended fabrics by dip coating. In order to obtain the best performance with the highest cost-effectiveness, 0.5-0.7% silicone oil to fabric weight ratio should be used.

          【Package and storage】

           Packing :200kgs/ Circular iron bucket

           Storage :12 months in cool and dry place with sealed packing 

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