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Varying Betting Options available at Bonus Cards Games

The Specialty Games at online casinos have become very much popular among the worldwide players. Bonus Card is also an online casino game, which is listed among Specialty Games at well-known Bodog Casino. This is one Flash game, which can be played directly by the help of games menu from the home page of the website of Bodog casino.

When the Bonus Card game is activated, one central card will appear as face up and remaining eight cards will appear as face down for the players. Now, the players at Bodog casino are required to click each of the eight cards in turn and after that they are allowed to expose them. The player can choose among the eight cards by following any order as per their willingness during the game. However, before turning the card over to any other player, the player is supposed to place one of the betting options available to them in this Bonus Cards game. the expected winning payout is then displayed on the gaming screen. Of suit, rank and color of the exposed card either will determine whether player has won the bet or unfortunately, lost the bet in the Bonus Card game. In case, the player loses any of his bet, he will lose the entire amount that is wagered by him and the game will end even if there remains some of the face down cards on the gaming table.

In case of winning the bet by player, they will be available with two options in the game. The players at Bodog casino can then cash out their winnings and after that can end the game. Alternatively, player can wager his balance amount for the next bet. If the player becomes successful in winning his first 4 bets, his balance will be increased by 10% and also by winning another 4 bets, player is able to increase his balance by 20%. Now, at the end of eight successive winnings, the balance of the players will be cashed out automatically and thus the game will end.

There exist three kinds of betting options for the players playing at Bodog casino. First one is the color bet, where players are required to opt among two cards either Red or Black. If the player places his betting option for the card of Red Color, he will win if the next card is red or otherwise he will lose his bet in the game. In this wagering option, for every $1bet, player can win $0.94 and hence can increase his balance to $1.94. However, mathematically, the exact winning of player is $1 and thus, betting option will contain a house edge of 6%.

Secondly, there exist different bets related with the suits of the cards as Diamonds, Clubs, Spades and Hearts. If the player places his bet on Hearts, he will win in case of having its next card as Hearts or otherwise will lose the game. Here also, for every $1bet, player can win $2.63 and hence can increase his balance to $3.63. Here also, mathematically, the exact winning in game is $3 and betting option will contain a house edge of 9%.

Lastly, the safest and the most interesting betting option available for players is Hi and Lo bets. If the player places his bets on Hi, he will win if he has his next one as higher ranked card or otherwise he will lose the game. Here, payout will depend on the exposed last card and the selected bet by players. Enjoy this Bonus Cards Game today at Bodog casino.

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