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What Is Caribbean Stud?

Caribbean Stud is the latest version of poker game, rules of this game is quite similar to five-card stud poker. The basic difference between Caribbean Stud Poker and Standard Poker is that in standard poker player plays against other opponent players whereas in case of Caribbean Stud Poker player plays against the house. Caribbean Stud poker has become one of the most popular casino game among gamblers because of the fact that here winning depends on expertise skill and knowledge on the part of player along with the possibility of winning a huge jackpot. So if you are interested in playing Caribbean Stud Poker then here in this article we have discussed about certain basic rules and strategy of the game.

Caribbean Stud Rules
Players who are familiar with poker game will not face any difficulty in understand Caribbean Stud, here also ranking of hands remains the same as in most of the poker games and payouts are also similar the only distinguishing factor is that here you are playing against house instead of another players.

The game starts by placing an “ante” bet, which is equal to the table minimum. At the same time player can also place progressive jackpot bet worth $1, but this is optional. After placing bet player and dealer, receives five cards each. Player receives five face-down cards and dealer four face down and one face up card. Now the player decides whether to hold the hand or raise and challenge the dealer. He player decides to fold, then he looses and the game is over but if he decides to raise then he need to place another bet equal to double the amount of ante bet. After this dealer revels all his cards. After this, the winner of the game is identified and is paid as per the payout rules.
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Caribbean Stud Strategy
As far as house edge is concerned, Caribbean Stud is exactly same as the American roulette. In American roulette, also casino holds a 5.22% edge over players who use good strategy. But the dilemma here is that it is very difficult for players to learn some of the best Caribbean Stud strategy, so they do not have any other option other then simply following the basic rules of the game.
Still there are certain rules that can be followed to turn the game in your favor. Its always suggested to raise the game or throw challenge to dealer only with a pair or higher since this is better than the dealer’s minimum qualifying hand. In case, you are not having a pair or better, then its strongly recommended to fold your hand. There are certain situations where you can raise such as if you are having ace-king, and this is where the trickier strategy comes in. However, the basic rule for rising with ace-king, you can raise if the dealer’s up card is a queen through two, and it matches a card in your hand.

One important thing to note is that the house edge continues to increase if you are play the optional side bet. In fact, the house edge may go up to 25% if you play the progressive jackpot or any other bonus payouts. Therefore, try to avoid these bets or in case you have to play this bet then you should realize that your odds increase as the jackpot grows.

Although the odds increase in the jackpot bet, but if you are play the game just for the sake of fun then the side jackpot will add more excitement and thrill to the Caribbean Stud Poker game.


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