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Same software- different brands?

In the 10 years I’ve been playing in casinos online, I played in virtually every casino software that exists. While there are quite a few, it’s undeniable that Playtech and Microgaming dominate the vast majority of online casino brands today. And with good reasons – They both develop excellent software.

The amount of brands gradually decreased from thousands to hundreds in the last 6 years. Brand integrity is highly sought after. But the software providers have remained more or less the same companies. So if many brands which are operated by the same companies use the same software, what sets them apart from each other?

Let’s compare casino brands to cars. You could drive a Wolkswagen or a Skoda and have a totally different driving experience although both use the same engine. The same goes for online casinos. The engine is the same, but the whole infrastructure is different. Graphics, bonuses, customer support, games etc.

Playtech and Microgaming lead the market, each having their own unique ‘feel’ to the game. In my opinion, Playtech’s graphics is dazzling. It seems to me that Playtech tries to make the playing experience as realistic as possible. The lobby graphics usually incorporate actual photos of people and the game tables look very real.

Microgaming, on the other hand, seems to focus more on slot machines – targeting slots as their primary game, (I read many press releases in which they state that slots occupy 95% of real casinos’ floors) they offer hundreds of slot games and themes. Their graphics many not be as dazzling, but the games run faster and feel more “right” for a computer environment, in my opinion. It’s as if they “know” it’s not a real casino, so they’re not trying to be realistic.

The bottom line is – I prefer Microgaming usually. But really, it’s a matter of personal choice.

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