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Updates of Online Gambling Legislation of 2011

This 2011 had seen lot of actions in the sector of legislation and hence enhancement in the sector of online gambling of United States. The fluctuations in the expectations and hopes have remained volatile and hence, end of the year has proved to be a good time for taking stock of all these events.

This year, Black Friday event has highest impact on the sector of online gambling. On 14th of April, US Justice Department has taken actions against three leading sites of online poker operating in United Sates. They were Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. The American domain names and bank accounts of all these websites of online poker were cancelled, leading the American players impossible to access their websites. The poker site owners were charged for showing irregularities in financial status, especially, processing of funds for online gambling. In fact, they have given fake details to banks, for avoiding detections of UIGEA.

In the year 2010, authorities use to keep a tab on all of the poker rooms and use to make dossier on those rooms.However, then the fraternity of online poker was observed when this had taken place. In such circumstances, conspiracy theories have played their major roles. After this, majority of operators of land based casinos had started to realize that they should enter in to the sectors of online gambling, in order to survive themselves. However, because of the huge brand equity of all these rooms of online poker, they cannot get huge share of market in a regulated environment of online poker. In addition, this was also claimed that those operators of online gambling, who are operating illegally at present, while others who have followed regulations, but have kept themselves away from online gambling, cannot get any place in regulated regime. However, this could be achieved by refusing the licenses of existing players and hence, theory of conspiracy had failed to obtain support.

However, the fact is that in spite of event of Black Friday, many well-known land-based and online casinos had started to execute strategies, indicating their belief that online gambling regulation is about to get done. These strategies will mainly revolved around mergers, partnerships and acquisition required for strengthening capabilities and equity in a fully regulated and legalized regime of online gambling. Although, many new attempts were made for bringing legislation of online gambling, but majority of them were not vigorously followed.

After this, on Friday, Justice Department of US had made another announcement with respect to legalization of online gambling. On 23rd of December, this announcement was observed in the nature of latest Christmas event.The Justice Department has interpreted that Wire Act would be applicable on only sports betting and not to any other types of online gambling. Although, the cases of Black Friday were not categorized under Wire Act, but still several prosecutions of very high profile were made under this Wire Act. The Justice Department has further added that individual states could call for legalization of all types of online gambling, with the exclusion of sports betting. However, statement of DoJ was silent for the present online gambling legality at federal level.

Here, the main question is that whether the announcement of DoJ will prove to be a step towards federal legal structure for regulating online gambling or merely, it is the expression of intent of gambling authorities that every state will have their own mechanism of online gambling regulations. However, many states have made massive progress in implementing regulation of intrastate gambling and hence, statement of Justice Department will definitely provide them huge support.

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