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Payment Solution Providers of Online Casinos

Today, online gambling sector has become highly competitive that most of the online casinos offer interesting promos for retaining their players to their website and for increasing the market share. These online casinos used to accept payments from their players via several online payment services providers across the world. Most of these payment service providers offer large numbers of electronic payment or e-payment solutions. Some of the popular payment service providers are Ukash, Neteller and Moneybookers and so on. During the previous few years, payment service providers to the online casinos have shown huge competition according to the variety of services, they can offer to the online casinos. Therefore, in addition to the online casinos, most of the payment solutions providers of gamblers have started offering fantastic promos to players, so that players get motivated to avail their e-payment services for making payments in online casinos.

About Payment Solution Providers Promos
The promos offered by the payment solution providers, such as Ukash and Neteller are somewhat different from the alternative payment bonuses provided at many online casinos. Although, payment solution providers offer bonuses to the players for utilization of particular service providers, but these bonuses are being offered to the players from online casinos. After this, bonuA unique and safe way to invest in gold and silverses get accumulated to the online casino accounts of the players. The promos offered to the players from payment solutions providers give credited to the accounts, which the players are having with service providers. Players can avail the benefits of payment solution providers not only at one casino but at all of the worldwide online casinos in general.

Types of Promos Offered by Payment Solutions Providers
Today, some of the leading payment solution providers offer two popular promos to the players. These are titled as ‘Cashback’ promos and ‘Loyalty Points’ promos. In case of cashback promos, players get free cash in the accounts created with the payment solutions providers. These free cash are solely dependent on the throughput included for making their electronic payments. On the other hand, ‘loyalty points’ promos are mostly obtained from the online casinos. In this type of promo, players of payment solutions providers get the opportunity to obtain loyalty points depending upon the usage of services of players. After this, the players are allowed to redeem these loyalty points for availing the benefits.

Cashback Type Promo of Moneybookers
Moneybookers payment solutions providers are offering cashback type promo to their players. For this, players have to register their accounts with the online website of Moneybookers. Moreover, players have to upload minimum €1,000 within 30 days of registering their accounts with website of Moneybookers. Now, players would have the opportunity to receive cashback of at least 1% on all of the deposits, which players made from their registered accounts at Moneybookers payment solutions provider websites to all of the online casinos having partnership with Moneybookers. The players registering their accounts with Moneybookers will have two options regarding the cashback promos. This means, players can either avail their cashback benefits up to 18 months from their registration for promo or up to huge amount of €100,000.

Loyalty Point Scheme of Neteller
Neteller payment solution providers offer ‘loyalty points’ scheme to their players. They have titled these loyalty points as NET points. Players will have the opportunity to receive 10 loyalty points for transferring each $1 amount at any of the online gambling outlets. Moreover, Neteller has allowed the players to avail NET points in many other ways. Players are allowed to make use of their Neteller points for purchasing periodical lucky draws conducted by Neteller payment solutions providers.

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