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Winning Strategies involved in Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is one of the interesting casino games, which can be played by following some basic rules. Pai Gow poker game is not only based on the cards but also on the rolling of dice. Here, banker will split 53 cards in to seven separate card hands. The dice have been rolled to observe who will get what hand. This is entirely a random way of performing things, which implies that strategies will become slightly hard to overcome it. The players cannot able to play any tricks or utilize any other strategies of poker for typical games. Here, we will discuss about some of the strategies, which will help the players to obtain the upper hand on the house edge. First of all, if the player is a banker, he would be in a very good position. Therefore, players should try to take the position of banker, whenever it is possible.

About Joker Card in Pai Gow Poker Game

In Pai Gow poker game, players will have the joker as the wild card. The whole strategy prescribed in this article is related with the joker. The wild card may be any of the cards, which players will require for placing the best hands. There are only few ways of using the joker card. This can be understood by considering an example. Suppose the player is having two hands, from which one is a two card hand, while another one is five card hand. Among these cards, five card hand should be higher than two card hand otherwise it will be a foul. The foul will imply that the game of the player is finished.

•If any player has the joker card, he can utilize in either for the two card hand or for the two card hand. The concept involved here is to utilize it in the best possible way for getting win.

•If the player will have pair only in their hand, joker can be utilized in two card hand. Consider an example that the player is having seven cards as joker, two, five, six, nine, ten and ten. In this case, the pair will be ten, which will give five card hand. In addition, players can also take nine and form a second pair for winning two card hand.

•Moreover, on the other side, players can also able to get three similar cards, which will give better payout than any other pair. This also implies that player may also lose his bet on two card hand.

In case, any player will face this type of situation, there exist options for it. However, in this situation, players should take the payout in consideration instead of the cards. Here, player may lose both of his hands, as some other players might have a higher pair than him. Therefore, having three similar type of cards will offer better edge against the house, if they all will have pair.

In case the strategy of three similar types of cards is possible, players should continue with it. At this situation, they should forget about all other options and possibilities available to them. The players can lose or win both of the hands, if they only go with pairs. Pairs are approximately 42% common in case of poker game. This implies that bankers will definitely have one hand at the minimum risk.

Therefore, Pai Gow Poker is also an exciting game, similar to any other games played at the casinos. The only thing is that they have to follow the proper strategy. So, join any of the legalized casinos for playing this game today.

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