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Types of Binary Options – A Straightforward Explanation

Lately we have seen more and more types of Binary Options being available for trading. Sometimes it can get confusing, especially for the new Binary Options trader. The binary options brokers usually do a pretty good job explaining the differences between them, unfortunately sometimes they lack simplicity in their explanations and most of the time they are concerned with telling us how much money we will make instead of how to make it. That’s the reason why we find it appropriate to explain the main types of Binary Options in a simple and easy to understand manner, and of course, using pictures. After all, we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. So let’s get the ball rolling and start with the most common types of binary options.

Common Types of Binary Options:

Up/Down Options – The Expiry price should be higher or lower than the opening price
ONE TOUCH/NO TOUCH Options – The Expiry price should touch a certain level before option expires
Boundary Options – The Expiry price should be within a certain range before when options expires
60 Seconds Binary Options- Similar to Up/Down Options, but limited to 60 seconds expiry
Pair Options – Price of X asset should be higher/lower than Y asset when option expires
Ladder Options – Similar to Up/Down Options, with more expiry options. Consdired advanced method

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