Cherry Sevens Slot Machine Bank with 10 Free Tokens

Cherry Sevens is a savings bank designed to look and function like a casino slot machine. To play, simply insert a coin or token and pull the lever on the side of the bank. Any combination of sevens and cherries wins the “jackpot,” which is al


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What would cause a stock market crash now?

For one: fluctuations in commodity prices. In 2008 you had a lot of banks involved in sub-prime mortgages, it was a pyramid that couldn’t support itself—the banks collapsed via a collapse in the value of these derivatives. Currently, a lot of banks are involved in speculation on commodities. The oil price, for example, is a permanent source of instability.

Stock markets are tremendously over inflated, also. There’s considerable evidence to indicate that when the European Central Bank (ECB) and Bank of England initiated “quantitative easing,” buying assets from financial institutions, giving the banks cash injections… that cash was used to speculate on the stock market. What quantitative easing was supposed to

do was give money to banks, which they were supposed to loan out, injecting money into the wider economy, but they haven’t done that. There’s been very little investment of this kind and a lot of it has gone into speculating on the stock market, which is way overvalued.

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